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Find out more about commissioning custom pieces, purchasing gifts and requesting repairs of stained glass pieces

Memory pyramids created by Renette


I take orders for anything from small décor items to panels for windows and doors.

As I work alone, there is a slightly longer lead time, but prefer to be hands-on in my business.

I schedule my production in order of the deposits that I receive, where quotations are accepted.  I require a 60% deposit on acceptance of a quotation, the balance on completion of the job.

I do not take commissions for churches, cathedrals or any building that has been declared a heritage site.  I can, however, refer you to someone who specialises in this particular type of stained glass work.

Clients normally contact me either by email or they call me and we arrange a consultation to discuss your needs and preferences.  You are also welcome to visit my studio to discuss whatever it is you have in mind.  It is essential to make an appointment please.


If you are looking for something special and unique for a birthday or other celebration, hand-crafted pieces make memorable gifts.

It can be anything from a small glass flower for a friend’s garden, to vases, candle holders, lamp shades and much more.  I can also make small gifts to give to guests at a wedding or other celebration.

If it is a gift you are looking for, please let me know well in advance.  My items take time to produce as everything is hand made, and I may well be busy with someone else’s order which I will need to complete and deliver, before I can start work on your order.

Workshop attendees often make gifts for friends and family members themselves during their workshop time.

If you bring me a picture that you have found online somewhere, I will first contact the artist to obtain permission to use the design.  If they are happy for me to do so, I will give them credit for the design once it is completed and I post photos on my social media platforms.



I repair décor items, family heirlooms, lamp shades and other items.

I can repair almost any item, provided that it is not in such a bad state, that I need to replace all the glass in it.  In these instances, we can discuss making a new item from scratch.  I do not repair church or cathedral stained glass or glass that forms part of a heritage site.  I can refer you to someone who specialises in this.

I often need to visit you on site to have a look at the damage and advise the best course of action.  I do not do repairs on site.  The items need to be removed, and repairs are then completed at my studio and reinstalled.  I seldom remove and reinstall items and use a reputable company in Port Elizabeth for this purpose.  Their costs are separate from mine to do the glass repairs.

Repairs sometimes take longer than making an item from scratch, depending on the damage.


Butterfly in frame created by Nicky

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