Classy Glass Art Studio – Finding your Happy Place

In today’s rush & madness, while working, adulting & trying to juggle dozens of balls, it’s important to find a place where you can unwind, be creative, meet new people (who could possibly become friends), and just take a load off.

Stained Glass Art – Get your therapy on!

More and more people seem to be choosing something creative to take their minds off the daily “norms” in their life. Some paint, sketch, do mosaic, paper art, card making & my all time favouriteā€¦.. stained glass art. It is with this in mind that I have created “My Happy Place” here in my studio. It’s somewhere I can go and unwind, and I love to share it with others & show them something new they have not tried before,or perhaps they have tried and would love to get back to.

Sharing my new website – Classy GlassĀ 

I am very excited about my new website, designed by Melissa, owner & creative genius of Fox & Owl Media. Thank you to her for creating a space that I can share with others, by doing one of my other favourite things, and that is writing.

I will be posting blogs regularly, sharing tips for stained glass, tips to save money while you persue this wonderful age old art; as well as various other topics I think you may enjoy, anecdotes from workshops & the creativity & laughter that makes it possible for me to say “I love my job”.

Til next time. Happy glassing

Yours in Classy Glass


I'm Jacqui Holmes

I own and run Classy Glass Art Studio where I create works of art with stained glass, and I teach others to do the same in workshops.

I love writing and have chosen this blog as my medium to share my thoughts and life experience.

Follow along with my journey.

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